Raffle Tickets

CANTER is again selling raffle tickets in partnership with the Huachucans. Tickets are $10 each. Prizes this time are 1st prize - $1000, 2nd prize - $750, 3rd prize - $500, 4th - 26th prize - $250. The drawing is September 16, 2019 at 6:00 at the Pueblo del Sol Country Club. Tickets must be purchased from CANTER by September 10. Checks are to be made out to CANTER and can be sent to Dave Cunningham, 3605 E. Ojibwa St., Sierra Vista, AZ. 

Also include your contact information (your name, address and phone number with area code) so that we can fill out the ticket stubs. We will see that the stubs are submitted to The Huachucans and send you the raffle tickets that you purchased and a copy of the stubs that were submitted. CANTER will receive $8 for each $10 ticket sold. Tickets can also be purchased on our website, canteraz.org through PayPal. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW AND HELP CANTER!!!

For your convenience, you can now purchase your tickets online. Just be sure to provide your address and phone number in the section provided on the PayPal page for us to put on your ticket(s).