Our students have special needs that require special horses. A horse that is gentle and quiet enough for a child is truly a treasure. A horse that is gentle and quiet enough for a child with a disability is an even greater treasure. Our students have learned to trust and love our therapy horses.

Our horses have been carefully screened for suitability to work safely and effectively with our students. Those horses that pass the screening are then specially trained in activities unique to therapeutic riding, such as riders being loaded from wheelchairs or riding in prone or other positions.

Many of the CANTER horses are borrowed from individuals throughout the community. CANTER horses are schooled by experienced horseback riders to keep them from getting bored with their jobs. It takes a very special horse to work for CANTER, and we appreciate the animals for their contributions to the well-being of our students.

Breed:Quarter Horse
Age: 2005 Gelding
Owned by:Jan and Dean Quain
Personality: Bismark has a sweet personality and is not very dominant and looks to others for guidance.
Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:2000 Gelding
Owned by:CANTER
Personality:Bubba is a very sweet horse and tries to act more like a big lap dog. He can be very calm for beginner riders but due to his past as a roping horse still has a lot of spunk despite his age.
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age:2004 Mare
Owned by:
Personality:Cherry is alert and enjoys being used in our programs. She found her place in the herd Her and Monte were placed together at CANTER since they are buddies.
COCOA (in training)
Breed:Mountain Spotted Horse
Age: 2002 Mare
Owned by:CANTER
Personality: Sweet Cocoa is almost blind due to a congenital birth defect but doesn't she have the most gorgeous eyes? She spent several years at the University of Kentucky Veterinary School for research purposes. From there she came to Arizona where she was lightly ridden, a pasture pet and a companion animal. She has a sweet disposition and we are training her mainly with voice cues. She's coming along nicely in her training.


Age: 1997 Mare
Owned by:CANTER
Personality: Sweet but sometimes stubborn. The favorite horse of all our students! She loves to roll around in the dirt as soon as you 
gave her a bath.  


Owned by:
Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:2010 Gelding
Owned by:CANTER
Personality:Dusti is an overly friendly, personable horse. He is learning to respect personal space especially when handled by humans. He is a former barrel racing horse and has a weight limit due to an old injury.
Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:1996 Mare
Owned by:CANTER
Personality:Hachita is very calm and an experienced trail horse. She is very vocal at feeding time and doesn't like to be left behind.
JOURNEY (in training)
Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:1998 Gelding
Owned by:Margaret Mills
Personality:Journey joined B TRP, 4th US Cavalry (Memorial) at age 4 and served 18 years. This is why he has a US brand on his left shoulder. He just retired and has seen and done everything and is afraid of nothing and nobody. He likes people and loves getting attention. He is mellow, calm, tolerant, patient, and a bit lazy.

Breed:Quarter Horse
Age:2003 Gelding
Owned by:CANTER
Personality:Jud is a very handsome guy with quite some energy. He is very gentle but cautious in nature. He responds well to gentle and soft voice cues and it doesn't take much to get him going.
MONTE (in training)
Age:1995 Gelding
Owned by:CANTER
Personality:Monte is a very gentle and trusting giant. He enjoys being used and learning new things, as well as having a pasture mate. Despite his size, he is very easy to lead. He is a goofball too and loves to play with the water hose. He will be great with our veterans and more introvert riders.