Volunteers are the linch pin that keeps CANTER moving forward with its mission. CANTER thanks its dedicated volunteers who do the bulk of the organization's work. Support for riders, horse care, facilities maintenance, and fund raising - among other things - would not go forward without these dedicated and valued volunteers.

Can you help CANTER keep our riders in the therapeutic saddle? We have volunteer openings in the following areas:

  • Side walkers to walk beside the horses during therapeutic riding to give students physical and moral support
  • Horse handlers (people with a working knowledge of horses) to work at putting on and taking off horse tack and leading the horses during therapeutic riding. No experience necessary. We will provide on the job training.
  • Fund-raising, bulk mailings, public relations, and event planning
  • Building and grounds maintenance, construction projects, and house cleaning
  • On-call side walkers and horse handlers (volunteers not available on a weekly basis, but can be available on an on-call basis when there is an emergency.)
Meet new friends, develop your own fitness, and enjoy the rewards of helping our participants improve their skills.

If you would like to be a part of CANTER and are able to help in one or more of the ways listed above, or in some other capacity, please contact us!


Dean Quain